Legs Exercise With Clip Fitness Bands

Leg(s) Exercises With Clip Fitness Bands can build quality muscle without the wear and tear on your joints. One of the downsides of doing legs exercises with other forms of tension is that you sacrifice your knees, hips and ankles for bigger muscles. With bands there are no sacrifices! Check out the exercises below:



Assisted Mary Catherines

Description: Mary Catherines, also know as Switch Lunges are amazing for working the thighs and buttocks. It is an advanced, difficult exercise and can cause muscle fatigue and failure rather quickly. That's why to do more repetitions, you need some assistance. Elastic Bands attached to a door provide amazing assistance to help you build endurance and strength for this movement.

Area Targeted: Thighs and Butt




Donkey Kicks

Description: Your Buttocks (Gluteals) are responsible for pushing your leg backwards. You can do just that with Donkey Kicks. This exercise has been shaping butts for decades. While you can certainly do this exercise with just bodyweight, it becomes exponentially more effective when you add external resistance from bands. Do it right at home, or anyplace else!

Area Targeted: Butt (Gluteus Maximus)




Front Lunge (Anchor)

Description: Studies have shown that performing a Front Lunge with resistance in front of the body forces the exerciser to push more from the heel, which intensifies the engagement of the Butt muscles (Gluteals). Front lunges with clip fitness bands takes this principle to a whole new level. We guarantee that this exercise will work your Butt and thigh muscles to the max.

Area Targeted: Thighs & Butt




Standing Leg Abduction

Description: Standing Leg Abduction with Fitness Bands is a super effective exercise at targeting the outer thigh muscles (Abductors). The best way to work a muscle and force it to change is by challenging it against its function. The abductors take the leg from directly below you, to out to the side. Create resistance for this motion with super smooth Bodylastics.

Area Targeted: Outer Thigh




Standing Leg Adduction

Description: Standing Leg Adduction with bands will target the inner thighs with laser precision. After doing this exercise with elastic resistance, you will not want to do it with anything else. Elastic resistance creates super smooth tension without momentum. The inner thigh muscles are delicate, so you will want to work them safely and efficiently. NOW you can do exactly that.

Area Targeted: Inner Thigh




Leg Lunge (Lunges)

Description: Kneeling Triceps Kickback with Clip Elastic Bands is a great exercise for the muscle onLeg lunge, (Lunges) with resistance bands is one of the best exercises for building and firming the thighs and buttocks. This amazing exercise is superior with elastic resistance because of the natural properties of latex. When latex rubber is elongated (stretched) it gets progressively more difficult. So, you will get the optimal amount of resistance at the right time.

Area Targeted: Thighs & Butt




Lying Hamstrings Curl

Description: Lying Hamstrings Curl with Bands is superior to Hamstrings Curl with any other type of resistance. Why? Simply because the element of momentum has been eliminated. With bands you will not be able to rock your body to move the resistance. This will force you to use 100% Hamstrings during the movement. You will be shocked at the difference.

Area Targeted: Hamstrings (Back Of Leg)




Standing One Legged Calf Raise

Description: Standing One Legged Calf Raise with fitness bands is a great variation of calf raise to keep your workouts fresh and your results progressing. Studies have shown that there are advantages to working one side of the body separately from the other. Your muscle will actually work harder and more fibers will be recruited. This calf raise feels great - see for yourself!

Area Targeted: Calves




Lying Hip Flexion

Description: Lying Hip Flexion with Clip Bands is a safe and super effective way to strengthen your hip flexor muscles. Your hip flexor muscles are the ones that run down your groin and are responsible for hip movement. They are involved in almost every lower body movement. Using bands for this exercise is optimal because bands provide smooth and safe resistance.

Area Targeted: Hip Flexors




Repel Squat

Description: Repel Squat with bands is a type of squat that really only be performed with elastic resistance. This exercise provides assistance as you squat down, pulling you up as your jump up. It will feel as though you are repelling down a mountain as you jump and then land over and over again. If you want plyo and cardio with bands, you have to try this!

Area Targeted: Thighs & Butt




Reverse Lunge

Description: Reverse Lunge(s) with fitness bands works your thighs and butt. This exercise is super effective at targeting the back of the legs because it forces the individual to create a wide spilt stance on the stepping back phase (Proper Form). This paired with elastic progressive resistance creates a perfect butt and thigh working environment.

Area Targeted: Thighs & Butt




Side Squat

Description: Side Squat with Clip Band Systems is one of the best exercises that you can do to strengthen and develop the Thighs and Butt. The motion of stepping to the side will encourage you to take a wider stance, and go deeper into your squat. It is in a deeper squat that you will fire the Gluteus (Butt) muscle fibers..

Area Targeted: Thighs & Butt





Description: Squat is the King of all exercises - period. Squat with resistance bands offers many options and is super effective. You can do bands squats with arms up, arms down, connected to the bottom of the door and so on. If you are used to heavy squats with weights, you will LOVE squats with bands. Without momentum, the pain in your knees and back will be considerably less.

Area Targeted: Thighs & Butt




Standing Calf Raise (Arms Up)

Description: Standing Calf Raise with bands (arms up) is one of the best exercises to target the Calves, specifically the Gastocnemius muscle. The Calves are responsible for plantar flexion (pointing the toe). Since standing on our toes is pointing our toes you can challenge the muscle super effectively by standing up against elastic resistance.

Area Targeted: Calves




Standing Hamstrings Curl

Description: Yes, you can do Standing Hamstrings Curl with bands. You will not believe how hard your Hamstrings will work during this exercise. Studies show that working the muscles on each limb separately will work the muscle harder. Combine that with the superior progressive resistance from bands and you have a killer exercise.

Area Targeted: Hamstrings




Standing Hip Extension

Description: Standing Hip extension with fitness bands is a super effective exercise because it works the muscle with progressive resistance against its exact function. The actual range of motion for the Glutes (butt) is very small so you have to do the right exercise to make a difference. Standing Hip extension IS that exercise. You will feel it!

Area Targeted: Buttocks (Gluteus Maximus)




Standing Knee Raise

Description: Do Standing Knee Raise with Clip Fitness Bands to strengthen the Hip Flexors. The Hip Flexors are the muscles that run down the groin area. They are responsible for a great amount of our movement every day. Bands are the perfect resistance for strengthening the hip flexors because they provide smooth and safe resistance. Train without injury!

Area Targeted: Hip Flexor




Standing Leg Extension

Description:Standing Leg Extension with bands is an effective exercise for working the the Quadriceps (Thighs). The Quads (Quadriceps) are responsible for straightening the leg against tension. That's exactly what you will do during this exercise. No, this set up is not optimal for heavy reps, however, you will still get a great burn with lighter resistance.

Area Targeted: Thigh and Hip Flexor



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